How to Save Money on Nespresso Pods
How to Save Money on Nespresso Pods

How to Save Money on Nespresso Pods

I’ve had my De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Touch since Christmas, and have loved it since, especially for working from home. Pressing a button for an instant cappuccino is just what I need before starting work.

Although with official Nespresso pods costing anywhere from 30p to as much as £1, quick cups of coffee can quickly add up when it comes time to purchase replacements. This cost led to my quest to find the cheapest ways to buy Nespresso pods in the UK, here’s what I found:

Save on Vertuo Nespresso Pods

I’ll start with the bad news. Owners of the latest machines which exclusively use Vertuo pods have limited options for saving money. This is due to the fact that Nespresso has a patent on the production of these pods until about 2030, meaning that non-original Vertuo pods, which are usually cheaper, are not easy to come by.

Therefore, the only way that I have found to save on these pods is by using Nespresso’s own coffee subscription. By choosing to pay monthly, with one of 5 plans, you can earn 10% extra account credit which can be spent on extra coffee. With the cheapest plan being £17 per month, this admittedly is still quite an expensive option, however is the only choice I could find for those with Vertuo Nespresso machines. They do also offer this service for those with Original Pods, although you can likely save more using the below methods.

Save on Original Nespresso Pods

1. Yankee Bundles – 12p per pod

You may not have heard of my personal favourite service to save money on Nespresso pods, but trust me, they’re worth a look.

Yankee Bundles is an online only retailing service selling discounted bundles of products, such as Yankee candles, chocolate, sweets, household goods, and crucially, Nespresso Pods. Often these products are close to their expiry (usually within a few months), and are HEAVILY discounted.

Unfortunately, they appear to be very popular, so you may need to check a couple of days to find when Nespresso Pods are in stock. To find their pods, just search ‘Nespresso’ in the search bar of the top of your website.

They regularly have bargain Nespresso compatible pods available from Starbucks and Costa. As of writing, they have 100x Mocha Italia Costa Nespresso Compatible pods for a total of £12 with free delivery. That’s just 12p per pod!

2. Amazon – 11p per pod

Amazon offers their own brand range, Solimo, for as low as 11p per pod (£10.79 per 100x), which is incredible value. You may be able to get them even cheaper via their Subscribe & Save program, potentially saving 5% or 15% depending on the number of items you subscribe to.

It’s worth noting that these are plastic pods, as opposed to aluminium from others such as Nespresso or Starbucks. There are some reports of these being harder to use and messier, but certainly worth a go for 11p per pod!

3. Asda – 15p per pod

Asda stocks three varieties of their Nespresso compatible pods, that is an espresso, ristresso and lungo. They are some of the best value, especially as they are 15p per pod despite only being required to purchase one pack of 10, which costs £1.45.

I haven’t tried these ones personally, but they appear to get good reviews online and so are certainly worth a go, especially if you shop at Asda for your regular shop.

Have you found any cheaper Nespresso compatible pods, either in store or online? Let me know in the comments!

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