Complete Savings Review
Complete Savings Review

Complete Savings Review 2023: Is it a Scam?

complete savings

What is Complete Savings?

Complete Savings is a cashback website designed to save you money while shopping online. In addition to cashback, the service also offers discounted gift cards and other rewards (such as the monthly bonus and the welcome reward).

The service differs from most other cashback sites such as Quidco or TopCashback, in that it charges a monthly fee (usually £15 per month), with no free option. Although, the service does offer a 30 day free trial.

This article answers whether this fee is worth it, or whether you are better off going with the free options.

Joining Complete Savings

Unusually, you can only currently register to the cashback website by signing up via a retailer partner such as Trainline, Railcards by National Rail or Argos.

These companies often offer this after you make a purchase online, with the offer of claiming cash back on your next purchase or booking.

In other words there is no way to signup directly via the website, unlike other cashback websites such as Quidco or TopCashback.

An example popup to signup to Complete Savings
An example popup to signup to Complete Savings

What are the benefits?

Welcome Reward

The welcome reward is usually offered during the signup process, and appears to vary in how much bonus cashback is offered.

When I signed up via Trainline, this was £16.87. In order to claim the bonus, you simply purchase a product from a retailer on the Complete Savings site and submit the receipt.

Monthly Bonus

The site also offers an opportunity to earn back the £15 you pay every month through the monthly bonus. This uses the same method of claiming as the welcome reward.

Just make a purchase through one of the retailers on Complete Savings and you can then get your bonus each month.

Therefore, provided you purchase a product through the site, at least once a month, then the cashback site is free!

These bonuses are paid into your bank account as soon as they are verified (usually within a few days of submitting them).

Tip: Try and signup for the free trial towards the end of the month. As the monthly reward resets on the 1st, you can effectively claim the monthly reward of two months (worth £30), within your free trial!


The service also has access to an excellent gift card catalogue, which are available at impressive discounts.

As of writing, they offer 20% off Arcadia (Topshop, Burton, etc.), Argos, Cineworld, Ernest Jones, iTunes, New Look, One4All and River Island. This is a significant discount, on some impressive brands. These 20% discounted cards are limited to £100 of spend per calendar month.

They have an additional range of approximately 50 retailers, offered at lower rates of generally a few %. These are also limited to £100 of spend per calendar month, separately from the 20% gift cards.

In my experience, these giftcards are processed very efficiently. The few times that I have used the service, I was posted the physical gift cards quickly.

In the cases of e-giftcards, these were delivered almost instantly. I can therefore recommend the service and value offered by Complete Savings with their giftcard service.

Screenshot showing the giftcards available at Complete Savings
Some of the giftcards available at Complete Savings

10% Cashback

The leading feature of Complete Savings is the 10% cashback on all purchases made through their site.

Unlike with some other cashback websites, Complete Savings pays directly into your bank account as soon as you have over £5 worth of cashback.

This is highly convenient because as soon as purchases have been confirmed, they are paid back to you, provided the cashback is over £5.

From my experience this has been an excellent system. The status of any cashback is also viewable within your account pages at any time, making it easy to view what payments to expect.

Screenshot of a payment report showing payments from Complete Savings
Payment report showing payments from Complete Savings

I’ve been using it at TransPennine Express, a train provider in Northern England to get 10% back on my commute into work and back. They offer train tickets for any train in the country, no booking fees and Nectar points too, so are a brilliant combo if you travel by train.

Tip: Pair Complete Savings cashback with the Curve Card (review) for 11% cashback on selected retailers!

Screenshot showing the retailers at Complete Savings
Some of the retailers available on the cashback website

Which retailers are on Complete Savings?

Through Complete Savings, 10% cashback is available on retailers such as eBay, Argos, Trainline, Currys, Superdrug, Asos, H&M, Dominos to name a few. However, the site claims they have over 1000 different retailers available, and new ones are added very regularly.

As of writing, the retailers you can earn money back of 10% on online orders include the following:

AliExpressH&MHotels.comThe RangeIceland
CurrysJD SportsloveholidaysScrewfixJust Eat
DellMatalanOn the BeachWayfairMorrisons
eBayNasty GalTrainlineWickesOcado
GameNikeTravelodgeMADEPizza Hut
SamsungSchuhWowcherHappy BedsUber Eats

Is Complete Savings a scam?

You may have already read online about the reviews of the service, with many people reporting that they had been charged for the service without their knowledge.

Complete Savings currently has a rating of 3.3 on Trustpilot which is quite low. Especially considering the company does encourage active users to leave reviews on the platform via email which should cancel out some of the negative feedback.

Example negative review of Complete Savings

I am surprised by the regularity of these reviews, as every signup prompt that I have seen for the service has been clearly labelled as such. The service also emails at the end of the 30 day free trial to notify you before being charged.

There are also many reviews stating that after contacting customer services, they were able to get refunds on fees where they had not used the service.

I believe that the service is not a scam, however, I am sure that some people do not realise what that they are signing up for. It serves as an important reminder for individuals to always check where they are putting their details online, especially those of a financial nature.

How to cancel Complete Savings?

You can cancel complete savings through your profile:, by calling their customer services: 0800 389 6960 (Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm) or by email at:

How do I get a refund from Complete Savings?

If you are not aware of what you signed up to when joining Complete Savings, there does seem to be an option to get a refund from the company.

You can contact phone support on 0800 389 6960 (Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm) and ask for a refund form. You will then be sent a form similar to the one below:

Screenshot showing the refund form of Complete Savings

As the above indicates, you are likely to be more successful if you haven’t used the service after signing up. Such as by not claiming the welcome reward or monthly member bonus.

Is Complete Savings worth it?

Complete Savings is an excellent service, provided that you understand the limitations and are able to make one purchase through the site a month, in order to have the £15pm fee effectively refunded.

I have had no problems with claiming the welcome reward, monthly bonus or with cashback being verified and paid.

They have a leading cashback rate, which certainly makes them worth considering if you often make purchases online. However, the extra effort required may make the service not worth it to many.

Have you used Complete Savings? What has been your experience with the service? Let me know down in the comments!

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